My First Acupuncture Experience

Tiona Jones

I have always wanted to try acupuncture and I had only ever heard of good experiences with the practice. So, when James Bamford from the Body Mechanics told me he had completed his acupuncture level 2 course, I jumped at the chance to have a treatment. For a few years now, I have had daily pain in my hips and legs and despite numerous hospital visits a solution was still not being presented. Having heard of the benefit of acupuncture I decided it worth trying.

When I arrived for my treatment I was met by a lovely warm room, warm fluffy towels, relaxing music and the smell of essential oils. As most good practitioners do James assessed my problems (and nerves) and suggested that I start with a relaxation treatment, as most common ailments can be solved by this treatment. James talked me through the process, he explained that for me the relaxation treatment would involve 9 needles; one in the left foot, four in my stomach, one in my left wrist, two in my right wrist and finally one in my forehead. Then left me to get myself changed and on the couch.

The needles! I must say that I am a big baby when it comes to needles but I am also a big advocator of trying things that scare you. I expected pain, a small amount of blood and discomfort but was pleasantly surprised. The needles don’t hurt at all, in fact most of the needles when inserted gave off a very pleasant buzz of energy. This was a pleasant surprise. One in my wrist ached (like I had hit my funny bone) but James assured me that it was because I held a lot of pain in that arm and that’s how it was supposed to feel.

Once the needles were in James left me to relax. In the first few minutes after he left the room I was skeptical that it was working. How wrong I was, after those few minutes I was plunged in to a zen like state. I could feel my muscles tensing around the needles then relaxing, particularly in my stomach. After a while James came to check on me and tweak the needle position, after making sure I was ok, he left again. I had never been so relaxed. Who knew needles could do this?!

When James returned a few minutes later to remove the needles, I didn’t feel a thing. The one in my wrist was still aching and when removed it did contract my muscle a bit but it never hurt. James then asked me about my treatment and experience. He told me some after care tips. Such as I should expect to be tired for the rest of the day and that I needed to drink plenty of water and keep warm. He also reassured me that if I felt I was having any bad reaction to the treatment at all to call him.

The after effects. So off home I went feeling all Zen and relaxed, planning to get on with some work after a sit down with a cup of tea, some water and a blanket to keep warm. Turned out I was so relaxed I fell asleep for 3 hours! And a week later I am still feeling relaxed and calm the day after my treatment I felt energized, my stomach ached, as if I had done sit-ups the day before (maybe this is the way I will get that six-pack I have been dreaming of!) but I never experienced any negative side effects.

I have booked in my next treatment as I am still getting pains in my right hip and legs, but the left hip seems to have been better since my first treatment. For the next one I will be having another relaxation treatment with a small hip treatment. I will keep you updated on my progress so watch this space!

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